Workshop MCM1710

More Configuration Manager

If the official Microsoft courses left you wanting more, then Workshop MCM1710: More Configuration Manager is the training you need!

Go beyond the official courses

Going beyond the basic, cookie-cutter implementation, expanding on topics only hinted at in the official courses, and covering concepts the official training omits entirely, this workshop will help you round-out your understanding of System Center Configuration Manager. Students who successfully complete the workshop will find themselves with new solutions to long-standing problems and a broadened view of what is possible with SCCM.

Units include:
MCM1710 Book Cover
  • AD Integration in Complex Environments
  • Supporting Clients Outside your Forest
  • Windows PowerShell for Configuration Manager
  • High Availability & Fault Tolerance for ConfigMgr Roles
  • Preparing Software for Deployment by Using External Tools
  • Creating Multi-Stage Deployments
  • Implementing System Center Updates Publisher
  • Managing Obsolete Content
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